2018 Results

Hottest 100 Kiwi Beers Of 2018

Position Brewery Beer
1 Garage Project Pernicious Weed
2 Garage Project DFA
3 Panhead Custom Ales Super charger APA
4 Behemoth Brewing Co Lid Ripper
5 Behemoth Brewing Co Snow Mexican Maple Syrup Imperial Stout
6 Garage Project Party & Bulls**t
7 Behemoth Brewing Co Dump The Trump
8 Deep Creek Brewing Co Brewtiful Haze
9 Garage Project Hāpi Daze
10 Epic Brewing Co Hop Zombie IIPA
11 Garage Project Fresh IPA
12 Garage Project Boss Level
13 Garage Project Garagista
14 Liberty Brewing Co Prohibition Porter
15 Parrotdog Brewing Keith
16 8 Wired Brewing Cucumber Hippy
17 Garage Project White Mischief
18 Funk Estate Jungle Boogie
19 Parrotdog Brewing Bitterbitch
20 Liberty Brewing Co Knife Party IPA
21 Liberty Brewing Co Citra
22 Liberty Brewing Co Yakima Monster
23 Garage Project Whittaker’s Chocolate Beer
24 Deep Creek Brewing Co Misty Miyagi
25 Garage Project Fuzz Box
26 Epic Brewing Co Armageddon
27 Parrotdog Brewing Susan
28 Panhead Custom Ales Rat Rod
29 8 Wired Brewing iStout Affogato
30 Parrotdog Brewing Colin
31 Garage Project OMG
32 Panhead Custom Ales Quickchange
33 Parrotdog Brewing Falcon
34 Garage Project Cereal Milk Stout
35 Behemoth Brewing Co Triple Chocolate Milk Stout
36 8 Wired Brewing A Fistful Of Cherries
37 Deep Creek Brewing Co Double IPA (Lupulin Effect Project)
38 Garage Project Pils N Thrills
39 8 Wired Brewing Hopwired
40 Garage Project Los Lobos
41 Garage Project Mutiny On The Bounty
42 Fortune Favours Beer The Naturalist
43 Deep Creek Brewing Co Yuzu Rising Sun
44 Outlier Cartel Cloudburst
45 Behemoth Brewing Co 6 Foot 5 IPA
46 Deep Creek Brewing Co Hoppy McHopface Hop Oil
47 Garage Project Triple Day Of The Dead
48 Liberty Brewing Co Halo Pilsner
49 Fortune Favours Beer The Wellingtonian
50 McLeod's Brewery Paradise Pale Ale
51 8 Wired Brewing Wild Feijoa
52 Epic Brewing Co Thunder
53 Garage Project Hops On Pointe
54 Behemoth Brewing Co Under-Arm
55 Garage Project Day Of The Dead
56 Boneface Brewing Co The Big Unit
57 Urbanaut Brewing Co Copacabana Brut IPA
58 Behemoth Brewing Co Impeachment
59 Garage Project Verbotene Fruchte
60 Garage Project Green Fog Fresh Hop IPA
61 Sawmill Brewery Raspberry Sour
62 Behemoth Brewing Co Music City Mosaic Hopped Hazy IPA
63 Garage Project BEER
64 Parrotdog Brewing Forget-Me-Not
65 Emerson's Brewery Hazed & Confused
66 Garage Project Cockswain’s Courage Double Barrelled
67 8 Wired Brewing Lokomotiv Merlot
68 Behemoth Brewing Co Brain Smiles Hazy Pale Ale
69 Behemoth Brewing Co Drink Yesterday No.1
70 Birkenhead Brewing Co Beautiful Trouble (Ninkasi Brewing Collab)
71 New New New Corporation Synaptic Voyage
72 Behemoth Brewing Co Mocha Madness
73 Behemoth Brewing Co Pretty Pretty Pretty Pineapplely
74 Deep Creek Brewing Co Aloha Guava Passionfruit Sour
75 Epic Brewing Co Triple Alpha
76 Behemoth Brewing Co Brave Bikkie
77 Brave Brewing Co Tigermilk IPA
78 Epic Brewing Co Love & Affection
79 Epic Brewing Co Magic Dust
80 McLeod's Brewery 802 #13 Unfiltered IPA
81 8 Wired Brewing Hippy Berliner
82 Boneface Brewing Co The Unit NZ IPA
83 Boneface Brewing Co Hoptron
84 Good George Brewing IPA
85 Sawmill Brewery Juicebox East Coast IPA
86 Emerson's Brewery Bird Dog
87 Liberty Brewing Co Oh Brother
88 Panhead Custom Ales The Vandal
89 Sawmill Brewery Extra Pale Ale
90 Bootleg Brewery Apehanger IPA
91 Bach Brewing Velvet Marley
92 McLeod's Brewery Tropical Cyclone DIPA
93 Behemoth Brewing Co Cheech and Chong Fresh Hop Blazy IPA
94 Behemoth Brewing Co The Dude Abides White Russian Imperial White Stout
95 Garage Project Aro Noir
96 Behemoth Brewing Co Chur NZ Pale Ale
97 Garage Project Dirty Boots
98 Garage Project Block Party
99 8 Wired Brewing Juice Train
100 Alibi Brewing Co It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World