The Champions

Becoming a Champion at anything in life takes something special. It normally all starts with a deep passion and love for your chosen goal and then is driven by hours of sweat, dedication, creativity, bloody hard work and a desire to be the best you can.  Being crowned The Champion in the GABS Hottest 100 is no different. It takes an incredible team effort to produce a special beer that earns the kudos and bragging rights of being recognised by thousands of consumers as their favourite beer of the year in the GABS Hottest 100.  It is a very select list of champion beers that have not only earned their way into the Hall of Fame, they have all also stood the test of time and remain leading core range beers of their respective breweries today.


Behemoth Brewing Co

Brain Smiles

Joining an elite group of breweries and beers as GABS Hottest 100 Champions are the legends from Behemoth Brewing Co with their Brain Smiles Pale Ale.




Parrotdog is the first brewery in five years to be crowned champion of the NZ GABS Hottest 100. A malty aroma and hop bitterness are complemented by hints of citrus and tropical flavours.


Garage Project

Sunrise Valley

Garage Project makes an impressive comeback with their new beer which has debuted at the top of the ladder. Sunrise Valley began as an experimental brew, relying on a heavy dose of dry hop to deliver balancing bitterness, and huge flavour and aroma.


Panhead Custom Ales

Supercharger APA

Panhead Custom Ales' Supercharger has reclaimed their title as New Zealand’s most popular craft beer in 2019.


Garage Project

Pernicious Weed

After two years of fighting for their position on the podium, Garage Project Pernicious Weed has become the new favourite among craft beer fans. This dank and hoppy brew is the product of a unique blend of organic Rakau and whole cone Nelson Sauvin.


Panhead Custom Ales

Supercharger APA

Refusing to step down from the podium, Panhead Custom Ales' Supercharger is crowned champion of the NZ GABS Hottest 100 for a second year in a row.


Panhead Custom Ales

Supercharger APA

At the top of the poll in the first New Zealand GABS Hottest 100 is Panhead Custom Ales' Supercharger. A refreshing Pale Ale with tropical characters and subtle malt base contrasted with a famously balanced bitterness.